What is Anhydrous Skincare?

In the quest for offering better, safer personal skincare products, one alternative for manufacturers is to cut their use of water in their products. In the beauty industry, a product that contains no water is called, anhydrous – which literally translated means, without water.

Why is water in products at all?

Water in cosmetic product formulas acts as a solvent, meaning it dissolves and combines the oil-based ingredients with the cleansing agents. In creams and lotions, adding water to the formula acts as an emulsion, which means it helps turn the ingredients into the creamy consistency that they are.

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Why would anyone want to take water out of a product, anyway?

While water has its place in many cosmetics and skincare products, once a manufacturer uses water, in their formla, the FDA requires that they must use a synthetic preservative to prevent the water in the product from harboring bacterial, yeast, and/or mold growth during its shelf life.

If your main concern is limiting your exposure to synthetic ingredients, searching for anhydrous products ensures that a company can safely skip the addition of water in some of their formulas, and therefore, help their customer limit their exposure to synthetic preservatives.

That’s why East Amber offers a line of anhydrous products. We want to be able to cater to all kinds of beauty – and, those who seek out anhydrous products are limited in their choices on the market.

This leaves some consumers excluded and searching for alternative remedies that align with their personal beliefs of what a product should and shouldn’t  contain. Many of these conscientious consumers are likely mixing their own DIY cosmetic and skincare products in their own home.

And, while that’s admirable and resourceful, East Amber anhydrous products have been blended in a sterile, FDA-approved facility by well-qualified organic chemists who are dedicated to bringing the safest, most earth-based products to the market that are both effective and safe to use.

East Amber anhydrous products save you the time, work, and worry of having to figure out how to get the safest beauty products you can possibly have.

Are there any risks to using anhydrous products?

No, there aren’t any risks, as far we’re concerned. While the product will be more concentrated because it isn’t ‘cut’ with water, it is still safe and effective to use but, it’s important to remember that these are not your run-of-the-mill products. Being that anhydrous formulas contain no water and no synthetic preservatives means that they do have the potential of “turning bad” over time, if the consumer uses them in the shower, or dips wet hands into the product.

This is only because the water you may introduce via your bathroom into our products will most likely not be distilled water, so there is a likelihood that we cannot guarantee that there won’t be some form of contamination from the water you introduce into our product to begin with. Anhydrous products themselves are oil-based by nature, and natural oils are very good at preventing harmful growth in them.

We here at East Amber always provide you with the best advice we can for handling our anhydrous products. Whether choosing our anhydrous formulas or another company, it is simply good hygienic practice to always handle your anhydrous products with clean, dry hands.

After you’ve applied your desired amount of anhydrous product to your skin or hair with dry hands, you can always safely scrub and rinse with water in the shower or sink.