Rhassoul: Moroccan Clean

Rhassoul has been a coveted beauty secret for centuries. Rich in minerals and electromagnetic ion particles, this “brand new baby earth” volcanic ash is fantastic. Find all of the ways your next jar of Lava Mint or Char Hemp Clay can be used.

What is Moroccan Rhassoul?

Moroccan rhassoul, also known as, ghassoul or red clay, is a type of fine, powdered volcanic ash mined from deep within the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is known for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and exfoliating properties. It’s great for calming acne. It can be used as a detoxing body mask (it’s the main ingredient in the lux spa treatment – Turkish Bath wrap – more commonly referred to as, Marrakesh Hammam ritual.) Moroccan women have used rhassoul for centuries as a restorative hair treatment on coily hair for smooth, silky strands and dandruff control. In short, there isn’t much that rhassoul clay can’t help you with.

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What are the benefits of using rhassoul in skincare?

While there are many other clays you could choose from (for example, bentonite clay and french green or white or pink clay) Moroccan clay surpasses any other on the market. The reason is because of its mineral content. It carries within it the highest levels of magnesium, silica, potassium, and calcium – all of which are essential skin enhancing minerals that are hard to obtain through diet alone.

60% of what you put directly onto your skin will get absorbed into the body. Choosing a clay which delivers a high concentration of vital minerals is an excellent way to ensure youthful skin in a safer way than saturating yourself with synthetic (and oftentimes, damaging) chemicals.

At East Amber, we expertly blend rhassoul clay into two exclusive formulas: our Lava Mint Clay Mask and Char Hemp Clay Mask.

Lava Mint Clay Mask features peppermint essential oil and cocoa powder for a skin soothing experience from head to toe. It’s perfect for the most sensitive of skin types.

Char Hemp Clay Mask showcases activated charcoal and hemp oil in an unscented blend for a deep, detoxifying clean perfect for removing even the most stubborn of blackheads.

We love both of our blends and are thrilled to be able to share them with you. Results are immediate after just the first use, no matter which EA mask you choose. We promise you’ll see glowing, soothed, relaxed skin with our spa-quality rhassoul clay products. Xx